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I really really wish I could be in Tokyo right now. There's so much HERO stuff going on that's I'm missing out on :(

But the special emergency variety show was such a nice touch to the promo of the movie! Though the part where they talked about Kimura's dramas and introduced people who had real life impact from his dramas was a bit random... You can almost see the discomfort Kimura had on his eyes when they introduced the segment. Like... it didn't really have much relation to the HERO movie itself. But ofc being the good sport that he is, he really got into it in the end and actually teared up.

It was a good segment! Just thought it was random...


So many cute moments omg. I recorded a bit of it and posted it on my twitter, but I think the whole video should be up soon.

I really loved how Matsu has massive motherly tendencies now. Like when Kimura was about to start the car she's all like "DID YOU PUT YOUR SEATBELT" lololol.

They went to the Shinagawa aquarium and then had umaniku (horse meat yakiniku because Matsu wanted it).

On the way to the aquarium they stopped by the combini and janken'd to see who would get out of the car to buy the drinks. Matsu lost and when she was in the combini, Kimura's just like "what a loser lol she actually lost" <3

Can't wait to see the movie next Friday!

(Friday because the local cinema has discount for members... only 1000 yen!)
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To Old Habits and New Beginnings

Hello livejournal and friends alike!

I just went through my flist... and the only thing I see are community posts. I guess most of us have moved on at some point in our lives and for those I don't have alternative contacts to, I sincerely hope you are doing well somewhere in the world.

As for me... it's summer vacation and I'm still in Japan.

Since it's summer vacation and well... a lot has happened... I wanted to keep a blog again as a way of just clearing my head and fighting summer vacation boredom.

I tried restarting a blog on wordpress in March and failed miserably, just because I was switching between jobs and whatever else. So I want to try again now that I'm a bit more settled in. Livejournal might be a dying medium now, but old habits die hard. Haha. And I do still like the customizations here more despite all the crazy changes.


I'm going to go out and try to catch Bakemono no Ko in a few. Talk to you all soon!
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Getting back to TVB groove... to watch my ship sink royally.

So TVB recently made a sequel to one of my all-time favourites, Triumph in the Skies. 10 years later. FINALLY.

But they decided to kill off the female to my favourite pairing/ship even before the sequel started. I got so worked up about this one day I just decided to type out a huge post about them. The pairing just holds so much significance towards the way I judge other pairings and the enjoyment I got out of the series... and 2/3 way into Triumph in the Skies II, I still cannot empathize why they did what they did with Sam and Zoe.

So yeah, as a way of venting, I just wrote. I needed to remind myself why they were perfect and always will be.

The points are a little repetitive, so I apologize. HAHA.

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Most of this was typed around the time episode 15 was aired, so there's a lot of Sam/Zoe flashback points I didn't add. Besides, it's just too depressing to think about anyway......
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[PIMP POST] Tourai (トゥライ) / minato / Ryuusei-P (流星P)

I've been meaning to do this in awhile now, but having been away from utattemita/utaite fandom for so long, I had to re-institute myself and relearn a lot of stuff since the fandom has grown soooooo huge this past year or so.

Just to start off, Tourai (トゥライ) is an amateur nico nico douga singer (also known as 'utattemita' and you can find out more here). I've also seen people call him Tolie or Tulay. He also goes by minato or ryuusei-P (流星P), when he is producing vocaloid music and performing in live concerts as a keyboardist. He is my first encounter with utattemita and my absolute favourite, even as the community of utaites have expanded over the years, and hopefully I'll be able to have him introduce new people into the fandom as he did with me.

Tourai's mylist on NND → mylist/17091190
minato(流星P)'s mylist on NND → mylist/4348647
Tourai/minato(流星P)'s NND community → community/co127285
Tourai@Usacolony → community/co172708
His blog →
Twiiter →
Wiki (japanese) →

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I hope you like the post and consider investing some time in this fandom if you haven't already. ( ゚ヮ゚) I really think these people deserve a chance to make it big, much more so than a lot of people in jpop who are already popular... ( ̄ー ̄)
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WIN WIN AND WIN. I mean, COME ON. Ekin Cheng, Sammi Cheng AND Chapman To in the same MV all dressed up!! :O And I love how Sammi and Andy had this reflexes contest in the MV, lol:

"In the end, Sammi’s performance won applause and made everyone burst into laughter, especially when she display her leg’s reflexes as she lift her leg to rest over her leg to challenge Andy, it’s an eye opener for everybody. Andy admitted defeat to Sammi and quipped: “I did told you to shoot action films!”"

That last quote there (telling her to shoot action), he's referring to Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Did you know Andy Lau had originally wanted Sammi to be in the movie? And that she actually was asked to be casted?

Ugh, or is this just news to only me? D: SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE IN DETECTIVE DEE, OMG! </3

lol, anyway...

It's not all that win if you don't know Sam Hui's songs, I guess. But I thought I'd share since my dad and I are huge fans of the Hui brothers. Sam's music appealed mostly to the working class people in Hong Kong much around the 70's and 80's, and is still very influential today. It is especially popular amongst the poor because most of Sam's songs use a lot of Cantonese "slang" which a lot of richer individuals find a lack of elegance in. And it's just something the poor can better relate to, I guess. I'm sure if your parents are Chinese, they will know Sam Hui and his brothers.

This is Andy's recent cover of Sam Hui's "人辦". It's actually one of the very few songs I don't know too well, tbh. But I know Sam's style of music very well, and I always thought Andy Lau's voice don't suit it very well. BTW, this also isn't the first time Andy has done Sam's covers. He released an entire CD of Sam's songs a very long time ago (which I own and religiously keep safely because my love for both Sam Hui & Andy Lau know no boundries lol), and likes to sing his songs in charities and stuff. I just think Andy's voice is too flowy and artistic for Sam's style of music.

But it does bring in his own style into Sam's songs, I guess. There are a few covers Andy did that I liked - so I'm not say it's bad. It's just that if his aim was to recreate Sam's style, it just sounds a bit lacking, y'know?

Check it out, ya? And yes, that's Andy playing as Charlie Chaplin. lol.
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「伝説の勇者の伝説のラジオ」 ep 1 engrish snippet (cont.)

Takagaki Ayahi's Engrish phail this time. LOL. Instead of my writing it all out though, I has my splitter and went to cut the part out. Basically it's the same thing Jun had to do, but I really thought Ayahi-chan's was more phail than Jun's. LOL.

If you need a Engrish translator.... *raises hand*. lol.

I love how Jun went "think carefully before you speak~" when she went the same path he did with the toilet :P

(credits: rubeta )
SMAP 017 // Shintaku

I hear ya!

Snippets of 「伝説の勇者の伝説のラジオ」 (The Legendary Radio of the Legendary Heroes) episode 1 (@25:00) -

Ono Daisuke = OnoD
Fukuyama Jun = Jun
Takagaki Ayahi = Ayahi

(so Jun & OnoD had to speak in English, and they came up with... a phone conversation)
OnoD: (in his obnoxious voice) Hello?
Jun: Harlo? (OnoD's giggling) What you doing now?
OnoD: Ermmmm..... ERMMMM... EATING.
Jun: Eating.... eating... (he's trying to digest the engrish and trying to think of something to say, I think)
OnoD: Yar, eating.
Jun: ehh... OH. FANTASTIC!
(staff is laughing)
Ayahi: (in Japanese) I don't understand.. ;__;
Jun: After?
OnoD: Ermmm... and..
Jun: And?
OnoD: Anddd... hmm.. eatdonut.
Jun: Huh?
OnoD: Eat donut!
Jun: EAT DONUT! (lots of bg noises so I can't hear what OnoD was saying) Ohhhhhhhh... SNOOZE!
(repeats 'snooze' like 98374834 times)
Jun: And snooze!
OnoD: And snooze~ (he says something after too, but idk what he said)
Jun: ooooohhh, sleeping boy?
OnoD: Sleeping boy. I'm sleeping boy! :) (and Jun's like 'ohhh'-ing in the bg lolol) Oh, and erm... and ermmmm.. sugoi (in his engrish accent lol).
Jun: Sugoi? Hahaha.
OnoD: Oh, and too hot.
(and they say 'hot' 98237482734 times before they run out of energy & go back to japanese lol)

...Then because they're obviously evil like that, they forced Ayahi-chan to speak in Engrish too. I should dialogue the part where Junjun spoke Engrish by himself, that was hilarious!

Ok, now that I think I figured out what Junjun's saying, here (@21:00):

(he's suppose to say what he did the first thing he woke up that morning ALL in english)
Jun: Oh, today morning... erm... I wake up...
OnoD: Welcome?
Jun: Wake up.
OnoD: Wake up...
Jun: Wake up... and go to TOILET.
(you can hear someone repeating 'go to toilet' in the bg; I think it's the staff)
OnoD: Ohhhhh... Uh huh.
Ayahi: Yes~~ :)
Jun: Oh~ I kjashdjashd (idk. here, I think I heard 'I decide' or 'I started'.. but obviously I wasn't the only one who didn't understand because........) (I HAS IT! lol, I couldn't understand because he failed and went back to Japanese XD) (Anyway... in his engrish accent.......) I unchi (pooped).
OnoD & Ayahi: o____o;;; (lol) ...OHH..... :/
Ayahi: (tries to sound like she understood..) (I think she caught Jun's fail) Oh oh, uh huh! :D
Jun: I reads literature and... and... erm.. uhh.. go.. and rin- RING ON~ BIG BANG!
(OnoD just bursts out laughing at this point, can't blame him)
Ayahi: (in Japanese) I totally DON'T understand. :/
Jun: And... and... go to showah (shower)! (starts humming a tune)
Ayahi: (in Japanese) Hahaha. Right now he's washing his hair~
(everyone laughs)


cyberslowpoke  cyberslowpoke 

I already hear those cries of joy already. Those "YES, JENNY GOT RID OF HER STUPID EYE-BLINDING YELLOW LAYOUT" cries. lol.

This layout's rather simple and traditional. But I think the font colour's a little light though. idk, I snatched it off someone (like always~)... so let me know if you guys can't see anything :) Especially the font. It's light on my laptop, but fine on my desktop... :/ so yeah, let me know!

Uraboku~~ (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru... omg. I TYPED IT ALL OUT WITHOUT LOOKING, YES) ♥
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☆ Matsushita Yuya (松下優也) Discography

These files aren't mine and I certainly don't claim them, really, I just want to make a compilation of his work. Man were they hard to find... :( lol, I probably should be the one to say but please support the artist by purchasing his work!

☆ foolish foolish - [11.26.2008] ☆

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☆ LAST SNOW - [01.28.2009]

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☆ Honesty - [08.26.2009] ☆

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☆ Trust Me - [02.17.2010] ☆

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☆ YOU - [05.05.2010] ☆

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[+] comments are always ♥♥♥

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oh my fucking god.


Oh Edgey-poo. (this is too epic for an LJ-cut, sorz) lololol. I knew he was a closet fanboy, but not to THIS extent.

I'm on case 3 and my brain's already hurting. *cheated & used walkthrough* lol.