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28 June 2024 @ 11:21 pm
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18 July 2015 @ 11:36 pm
I really really wish I could be in Tokyo right now. There's so much HERO stuff going on that's I'm missing out on :(

But the special emergency variety show was such a nice touch to the promo of the movie! Though the part where they talked about Kimura's dramas and introduced people who had real life impact from his dramas was a bit random... You can almost see the discomfort Kimura had on his eyes when they introduced the segment. Like... it didn't really have much relation to the HERO movie itself. But ofc being the good sport that he is, he really got into it in the end and actually teared up.

It was a good segment! Just thought it was random...


So many cute moments omg. I recorded a bit of it and posted it on my twitter, but I think the whole video should be up soon.

I really loved how Matsu has massive motherly tendencies now. Like when Kimura was about to start the car she's all like "DID YOU PUT YOUR SEATBELT" lololol.

They went to the Shinagawa aquarium and then had umaniku (horse meat yakiniku because Matsu wanted it).

On the way to the aquarium they stopped by the combini and janken'd to see who would get out of the car to buy the drinks. Matsu lost and when she was in the combini, Kimura's just like "what a loser lol she actually lost" <3

Can't wait to see the movie next Friday!

(Friday because the local cinema has discount for members... only 1000 yen!)
17 July 2015 @ 02:38 pm
Hello livejournal and friends alike!

I just went through my flist... and the only thing I see are community posts. I guess most of us have moved on at some point in our lives and for those I don't have alternative contacts to, I sincerely hope you are doing well somewhere in the world.

As for me... it's summer vacation and I'm still in Japan.

Since it's summer vacation and well... a lot has happened... I wanted to keep a blog again as a way of just clearing my head and fighting summer vacation boredom.

I tried restarting a blog on wordpress in March and failed miserably, just because I was switching between jobs and whatever else. So I want to try again now that I'm a bit more settled in. Livejournal might be a dying medium now, but old habits die hard. Haha. And I do still like the customizations here more despite all the crazy changes.


I'm going to go out and try to catch Bakemono no Ko in a few. Talk to you all soon!